10 Home Hacks That You Should Never Live Without

Owning a home is tough, but these hacks will make life a bit easier. Even if you don’t own your home, you can still take advantage of some hacks to improve your home and save money. Even though we thought we’d seen it all, along come these awesome home hack products and services that people love.

Scroll down, and enjoy the best home hacks we’ve ever seen.

1. A Home Warranty Makes A Ton of Sense

When you need a home repair, it can be a real pain in the wallet, with many repairs reaching thousands of dollars. Now here’s a little secret – something ALWAYS goes wrong with a house. It’s simply part of owning a home.

If you had a home warranty, you could breathe easy. Home warranties can save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs, and give you complete peace of mind. Plus, with a home warranty, you can get your home repaired right away by a professional contractor, no matter what your bank account says.

2. Upgrade to New Windows, Slash Your Energy Bills

Replacing your windows can literally cost you nothing in the long term. That’s because today’s windows are super efficient, and so much better at keeping your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. And depending on where you live, there could be government incentives involved as well. The only way to find out is to locate the deals available in your area.

Click the link below to find the best deals in your zip code, and also get a top-flight installer.

3. Get the Mortgage That’s Right for You

America’s largest mortgage lender helps you find affordable mortgages, following a step-by-step guide for home buyers, viewing the interest rates for many home loans or calculating your monthly mortgage payment. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is (home refinance or home purchase), try the services provided by Quicken Loans!

4. Cord-Cutting Explodes: Never Pay For Cable Again

This brilliant device allows you to watch new movies and TV without a monthly subscription. We all know how frustrating overpriced cable bills and subscription services can be. You pay for cable, movies, and sports on demand… it adds up. And of course, there is all this hardware. Your receiver, AppleTV or Firesticks, DVD player and often expensive smart TVs. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more people are searching for cheaper, simpler solutions to cut cable bills and get rid of all the hardware.

5. Save Big By Going Solar

Solar energy is no joke today. Not only are today’s solar panels cost-effective, but the government is also recommending that consumers get on the solar bandwagon. In fact, in many areas, they are making it financially beneficial with tax credits and/or incentives. Plus, if you generate more energy than you use, you may be able to sell it back to the power company.

We’ve got a free tool to find the best deals and incentives on solar in your area. Click the link below and see what’s available to you.

6. A Walk-In Tub Can Save Lives

As we age, the bathtub becomes an exceptionally dangerous place. Every year, thousands of seniors suffer falls getting in and out of a standard bathtub. But a walk-in tub offers the convenience of nothing to climb over, but you still get to have a tub for when you’d rather take a bath. And yes, they are completely leak-free, and easy to use. Plus, they are very affordable, and can even add to the value of your home (not to mention keeping you or your loved ones safe.)

7. Protect your home from pests

As the weather gets colder, people will want to spend more time indoors, and unfortunately, so will common pests and rodents. Insects such as cockroaches, spiders, and rodents like mice, and roof rats will seek shelter to survive the winter, and there’s nothing more inviting than a warm cozy home.
Not only are bugs annoying to deal with, but they can also spread diseases and contaminate your food–potentially making you and your family sick. Most pests can make their way into your home through the tiniest of cracks, so in order to prevent bugs in your home, you have to make sure your house is sealed up properly.
A little work will help to keep the bugs and rodents out, and your family comfortable. However, if you do encounter a pest or rodent problem this winter, seeking the advice of an experienced pest control company can help you rid of these unwanted visitors.

8. Save $$$ on a HVAC System

Nothing makes you more comfortable than air conditioning in the summer, and heat in the winter. And today’s HVAC systems are technologically advanced, and super efficient – so much so that they can literally pay for themselves. Add in the fact that they deliver coolness and warmth on demand, and you’ve got a real winner.

We’ve found the best systems and top installers in your area. Click the link, enter your zip, and see what deals are out there for you.

9. A Modern Roof Can Make All The Difference

Did you know that repairing your roof before winter can improve the value of your home as well as prevent any major emergencies before winter? Your roof can be worn down through the years with damage from storms, mold, or just time. RoofingCostGuide has been helping home owners do home improvement projects on their roofs for over a century. Compare roofing prices with Sears and other local contractors. Find out how much you can save and get matched in 30 seconds!

10. Get an Awesome Deal On The Best Home Security Systems

Home security is a must these days. There are simply too many bad people out there who’d love to help themselves to your belongings, or worse. Fortunately, home security is super advanced these days, and very affordable as well. These systems can integrate with your smartphone, alert you anywhere in the world, have cameras you can view, and (of course) call the police or fire department. They protect your home and family from break-ins, fire, carbon monoxide, and more.

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